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Jacksonville, fL Prenuptial Agreements Attorney

When two people are about to get married the last thing they may think about is a prenuptial agreement (“prenup”). Most of the times the premarriage discussion of a prenup causes both future spouses to feel uneasy or uncomfortable with the real world subject matter surrounding any form of marital agreement. Much of the surrounding concerns with prenuptial agreements stem from the conflict they pose with the central idea that marriage is a life-long commitment that is to not be broken. However, the unfortunate fact still remains that many marriage may end in divorce for a variety of reasons. Therefore it is important you plan for this event with a well crafted prenuptial agreement.

The Need for a Prenuptial Agreement in Florida

Our law firm strongly recommends prenuptial agreements for parties contemplating marriage. In its simplest form, a prenuptial agreement is a contract two people enter into before they take their vows and get married. While these contracts were once mainly used by wealthy couples they have now gained more popularity with all spouses, or soon to be spouses, in the State of Florida. Many people now view a prenup as a great and practical way to protect their assets and potential future income. A well drafted agreement can protect your home, assets, and further outline the duties and responsibilities of both parties when it comes to alimony and other central issues commonly found in the divorce process. An experienced Jacksonville divorce lawyer may assist you with your prenuptial agreement.

These agreements are important is you wish to protect your assets, wealth, and real estate and can further help with the avoidance of debt and liabilities that may come to fruition after a divorce. The good news about any prenup is both parties can negotiate and draft a potential prenup that is workable and agreeable to both parties. Then, if a divorce unfortunately occurs in the future, the parties may be less stressed and less angry given the fact that they previously sat down and agreed upon the terms of the distribution of assets and liabilities following their divorce. These agreements can also be drafted to protect one, or both, parties in the event their respective incomes rise after marriage. Similarly, it can also protect one or both parties should the accumulation of liabilities accrues during the course of the marriage.

A Jacksonville Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Can Help You With Your Goals

Our firm is dedicated to providing high quality prenuptial agreements that will stand the rigors of future Court review. We will sit down with you and go over all of your premarital assets and liabilities. We will analyze your future potential earning power and protect the same when drafting your agreement. If your future spouse has an attorney representing his or her interests with the prenup will diligently negotiate your side of the agreement and protect your rights.

It is important to understand that you should never agree to any prenuptial agreement in contemplation of marriage without hiring highly qualified counsel to protect your rights. If you have been given a proposed prenuptial agreement by your future spouse do not sign without calling our firm first. In this scenario, we will go over and explain the proposed prenup to you in detail. We will go over your goals and what you would expect to happen should a divorce happen. We will redraft your own version of the prenup and send it to your spouse or their attorney. We will then aggressively negotiate your position and requirements in any finalized prenuptial agreement. All of this will be done before you ever put your signature to anything. Only then can you be rest assured you have the contact that is satisfactory to you and your future. As an experienced Divorce Lawyer in Jacksonville, we can help you draft your agreement today.