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Jacksonville, FL Simplified Divorce Attorney

As the name implies, a simplified dissolution is where the parties have agreed to all, or the majority, of issues to be resolved upon separation. This type of proceeding is quicker, simpler, and generally less stressful that a full contested dissolution case. However, it should be noted that not all cases may qualify for a simplified dissolution proceeding. Similarly, many times the parties cannot agree on all of the legal issues and facts relevant to their case and decide to litigate their case in a court of law. In general, a simplified dissolution action can take place where (1) there are no minor children, (2) the spouses are not seeking alimony, (3) both parties agree on the division of all assets, property, and debts, and where (4) both spouses stipulate and concur that the marriage is irretrievably broken. If you meet these threshold inquires then you may opt for an simplified divorce. It is always best to consult with counsel before finalizing any agreed upon terms in an uncontested dissolution action. You may be signing away important rights and not even know you are doing this at the time. The best way to find out if all of your rights are being protected is to contact an experienced divorce lawyer and law firm in Jacksonville. There are many key differences between a simplified versus contested dissolution of marriage case. Substantially, in a regular divorce case each spouse will have the legal right to cross examine each other. Similarly, in a contested dissolution action each party has the ability to seek discovery from the opposing side. Such discovery may include pertinent things to the case such as documents relating to assets, debts, income, and property. When seeking a simplified dissolution, key financial statements and documents may be requested from either spouse but the actual disclosure of this financial information is not required under the law. Whether one chooses the contested or uncontested legal path is determined by the factors above and by the client.

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