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Jacksonville, FL Child Support Attorney

When a divorcing spouse calls our office they are many times distraught, confused, and upset during this difficult time in their life. At our firm we understand what you are going through and will treat you with the respect and compassion you deserve. Matters are often made worse when a child or children are involved. If you find that you are going through a divorce or paternity determination, or if paternity has already been determined or consented to, the matter of child support will be an important factor in the proceeding. The payments made to the child is considered a right of the child or children, not of the parents. Both parents or an individual parent may be required to provide financial support to their child or children under Florida law. The ultimate facts and circumstances surrounding the issue will be determinative here.

Determination of Support

One parent or both parents are obligated to provide financial support to the child until the child reaches the age of 18, is emancipated under the law, or marries before reaching adulthood. The obligation of support is determined by the use of mandatory guidelines governed by Florida Statute 61.30. The guideline amount is determined, in part, on the number of other children, the parties’ respective incomes, and the child’s or children’s duration of overnight time spent with the parent who is classified as the non-custodial parent. The guideline amount is set by statute and can be considered daunting by those less experienced with the law. An experienced Jacksonville child support attorney can greatly assist your with determining your rights with any family law matter.

Depending on the circumstances, the Court can deviate and depart from the predetermined support amount based on the medical needs of the child and the income and financial status of the parents. In addition, numerous other factors are may be used to determine a guideline amount for payment of child support. Some of the other factors include the cost of health insurance for the minor and the cost of daycare for the child or children. In addition, life insurance may be required to be taken out on the obligated payor parent in an amount equal to the future value of child support payments collectively.

A Jacksonville divorce lawyer can help you to determine your rights and responsibilities when it comes the calculation of child support payments or the receipt of payments. We can also help you with deciding which parent can take tax deductions for dependent children, the amount and method of payment for the payments or receipt of child support, and the legal enforcement of Court decrees and orders.