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Jacksonville, FL Divorce Lawyer

Dissolution of marriage, custody, time sharing, child support, and general family law disputes are very stressful and should not be handled alone. Despite these stressful situations you should not overlook the need to consult with legal counsel and a law firm who can answer all of your questions and advise you what to do legally going forward.

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You also should seek the comfort of having an aggressive and skilled legal advocate who has years of courtroom experience. Without the benefit of good legal counsel your finances, assets, real estate, and very self-worth could all be placed in jeopardy. Our firm is dedicated to helping those in need with all present or impending family law issues. At Armstrong Law Group, P.A., you will be treated with the respect and compassion you deserve and gain access to an experienced and aggressive team of professionals to assist you in your time of need. Here you will get straight talk with aggressive, experienced, and assessable representation for all of your family law needs. Call us and speak with a Jacksonville Divorce lawyer about your legal matter. Contact us today for a your confidential consultation and case evaluation.

Get Help From a Trusted Jacksonville, Florida Divorce Law Firm

familylawFamily law cases and issues come in a variety of forms. Most of the time prospective clients set up a consultation with our firm to discuss a current or impending contested divorce. “What should I do” or “How do I respond” are common questions asked during the initial consultation. Many times a spouse will either wish to file a dissolution of marriage petition, commonly called divorce, with the court, while other times a spouse will come to our office having already been served with divorce papers. Similarly, a parent of a young child may come into our office seeking assistance with custody of their child. Regardless of your situation, we have the skill, experience, and tenacity to assist you in your time of need. If any of these situations applies to you, contact an experienced Jacksonville divorce attorney at Armstrong Law Group, P.A. for a consultation.

How Can a Jacksonville Child Custody Attorney Help Me With My Case?

When going through or considering dissolution of marriage a whole other set of questions and issues becomes relevant. First, if there are children, the issue of custody and protecting one’s rights of custody will be the foremost concern. Florida Statute Section 61.13 is the governing body of law that speaks to custody and time sharing while setting parameters for the same. Section 61.13 addresses a litany of relevant factors for the Court to look at when determining time sharing and a time sharing plan. Interpreting this statute and the case law interpreting this statute should only be handled by an experienced and skilled law firm. If you have concerns over the custody of a child or children it is best to contact a skilled legal advocate who will fight hard during difficult times. Begin protecting all of your rights regarding parental time sharing by contacting an experienced Jacksonville custody lawyer today at Armstrong Law Group, P.A.

Jacksonville, Florida Alimony Attorney Dedicated to Protecting You

Another major issue that is embedded in nearly all contested divorce cases is that of payment of alimony to the other spouse. In general, alimony is based on many factors under the laws of our state. Importantly, the length and duration of the marriage is considered an important starting point when determining the type and amount of money, if any, that may be potentially awarded. Interpreting the law and gathering the evidence early on may be crucial to securing your rights under Florida statutes governing alimony. Understandably payment of funds to the other spouse is a sensitive subject that often creates a lot of stress during the process of getting divorced. Like time sharing issues, this area of law is governed primarily by Florida Statutes and the case law interpreting those statutes. Alimony is generally broken down into categories depending on the length of marriage and facts of the case. For example, alimony can be classified as temporary, lump sum, bridge the gap, or permanent. Contact our experienced Jacksonville alimony lawyer for questions regarding your case.

Jacksonville, Florida Child Support Attorney In Your Corner

Issues of child support become relevant when the paternity of the child or children is proven. Child support applies to divorcing married couples and to non-married couples who have had a child or children together. The potential amount awarded is generally set pursuant to calculations based on statute. Specifically, Florida law uses a formula to determine the amount of monetary support a parent of the child must pay. This formula is based, in part, on the parents income, the time-sharing responsibilities of each parent, and the costs of insurance and daycare for one or both of the parents. The payment amount is also determined based upon the number of children the parent is also paying child support to. To assert all of your rights when it comes to child support contact an experienced child support lawyer in Jacksonville for an in depth consultation.

Why should you contact us first? First, we have the experience to represent you through this difficult time. Second, while many proclaim to be trial attorneys, our founding partner, Timothy Armstrong, has a solid track record of courthouse litigation and spends much of his non-office-time litigating cases throughout North Florida courtrooms. Third, we have compassion and will listen to you throughout your case. Fourth, and significantly, our entire firm will stand by your side and aggressively pursue enforcement of all of your legal rights relevant to your case.